Aperture – In terms Of Lenses

Feb 16, 2023

So what is the basic definition of aperture?

An aperture is a hole or an opening through which light travels. Let’s say an Aperture is Not Just some part of a lens but has many more uses, in Optical mice and where most commonly used, The Human EyeMore on that Here.

n the photographic Exposure triangle it is the main feature that determines the amount of light and its angles entering your camera.

Consumer lens apertures may start from a minimum of F1 to F8 and Conclude to a Maximum of F22-F36

The F-Stops

It is the unit prescribed to the amount of light entering your cameras sensor. In terms of aperture, this can be related with the opening of the lens. The greater/wider the lens opens the Greater Aperture / Lower F. stop Value it has

Advantages of Larger Aperture / Low F-Stop Values

So let’s say we have two lenses. One of them is a 50mm F1.4 and the other is a 50mm F4 (yeah, I know they don’t exist, let’s assume they do.). So we’re at this family gathering. Having a barbeque on the roof, it’s dark, very dark and I’m just relying on the street lights from outside. Given the choice between the two lenses I would chose the F1.4 because too has a wider aperture opening, meaning it will let more light pass through to the sensor, generating a brighter image Instead if I were to use the F4, I’d have a few issue getting the same exposure, for starters I’d have to compensate the narrowly opened aperture by decreasing the shutter speed. But what if it were already 1/20th of a Second? What if the ISO was already 3200 on my 550D?

Of course most Prime Lenses give your brighter images and there are many other reasons they prove to be better than zoom ones.

Before I had a clear understanding of these concepts, I’d used to look at the price of the F/2.8 Constant Lenses and laughed out loud. Now I find them quiet useful.

If you’re wondering to as if there are any advantages of using high aperture values, 

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