A Quality Review On Godox Witstro AD600B & AD600BM!

Feb 16, 2023

The Godox Witstro AD600BM and AD600B are two compelling photography solutions that are loved by experienced photographers of the time. These are robust and fully portable head flash solution that accompanies a removable battery. The Godox Witstro AD600BM equips a radio system and provides the users immense creative possibilities to make a subject illuminating. 
The Godox Witstro AD600BM is a powerful and portable flash head with removable 8700mAh battery. The flash features a Godox 2.4GHz radio system. The flash offers you a lot of creative possibilities for illuminating your subject that you need to place it not necessarily on a light stand, but can just keep going on. Even in places difficult to access and in situations with rapidly changing light conditions, you can use the flash manage well because you are not dependent on extension cables and sockets. The Godox Witstro AD600BM is ideal for photographers who work on site as photojournalists and wedding photographers. 
About Godox Witstro AD600 –
Now coming to another flagship model – Godox Witstro AD600 which is also a great product from this company. It is a portable battery-powered strobe and is more robust than the Profoto strobe. This product fits perfect for the professionals and photography enthusiasts who look for strobes at budget. The AD600 comes in 3 variants that include non-TTL and TTL. Both of these models come at the same cost as the Einstein. There are so many great features that make this budget strobe a perfect buy for the professionals and here we are going to discuss all those features and qualities. 
Features Of Godox Witstro AD600BM –
Coming to the features of this dynamic strobe model, we must accept that it features easy operation. Every setting is easy to make due to its simple controls, clear jog wheel and easy and clear to read LCD screen on its side. For featuring quality performance, the AD600BM accompanies a fan which makes the flash be cool even during long shoots. One can easily fire at maximum 500 times at a single battery charge with it. You can easily adjust the flash power from 1/256 to full. It has a flash head that can be utilized for high speed of flash sync that goes by 1/8000s. 
The AD600BM supports A, B and C 3 groups and FEL and FEC/FEC. It equips a X wireless solution that works well with Godox FTR 16 trigger system. It has range up to 100 meters with additional Godox X1 transmitter. 
Key Attributes Of Godox Witstro AD600 BM-

  • Features Bowens mount
  • Supporting 600W/s flash power
  • Supports up to 10 watts LED modelling lamp
  • Flash support for 500 maximum flashes at full power with single charge
  • Works with Godox X1 and FTR -16
  • High speed sync power up to 1/8000s
  • Flash modes Multi and M
  • Supporting 32 channels and 3 groups
  • 0.01 to 2.5 s recycle time

What You Will Get In The Box – 
At the time of delivery of Godox Witstro AD600BM, you will get following accessories in the box. 

  • 600 w/s flash tube
  • Charger
  • Protective
  • Manual
  • Li-Ion Battery up to 8700mAh

After reviewing the Godox Witstro AD600BM, we have found that it is a great strobe of the time. You may not find it a good brand, yet the features and qualities it possess make it a great product of the time. For professionals, it has proved to be an excellent addition for outdoor photography. Having such a powerful flash in a small package which perfectly fits to a normal photography kit makes it a perfect choice for photographers. 
Features Of Godox Witstro AD600 
Design & Build –
The AD600 is made of a mixed build. The overall build of this strobe falls between Profoto B1 and Einstein 640. It looks quite powerful than it appears and still it does not mean that you can easily toss it anywhere. It is made of solid and highly responsive jog dials and buttons. If we compare AD600 with Buff Einstein 640, you will find the build quality much better. 
Modifier Mounts Of AD600 –
Coming to the modifier mounts in AD600, we must say that it comprises of sturdy umbrella mount, though it is a bit off center. However, the wing-nut is well tightened to carry modifiers properly in place. It comes with Bowens mount that are really great. 
Weight & Size – 
This dynamic strobe model of Godox Witstro weighs around 2.66 kg and this weight is a little lighter as compared to the Einstein 640 and Profoto B1. Apparently, the device is a little fatter and shorter than B1, yet narrower and longer than 640. The overall size it possess around 70-200 f/2.8 lens and perfectly fits in the bags made to keep lenses. You can transport the device in your bag easily when you are out for shooting with your camera and unit with large kit. 
Some Minor Drawbacks – 
There are few minor issues that you will find in Godox Witstro AD600 over time which include mounting lug for light stand and cover for sync port. These elements seem to be created after the designing process of this device. 
Aesthetic Look & Design – 
As far as the strobes are concerned, the looks and aesthetic characteristics do not make much difference to the purchase choice for buyers if it works well. And in this case, the AD600 is perfect in its job. Though it is made of a pretty design which is highly functional. It is actually a straightforward and boxy design that the professionals love. 
Usability Features – The Interface – 
There are interface buttons on the strobe which are quite complicated. The total number of buttons are nine and you can easily reduce the jog dial with 1 button to the menu system. This process will make the system a bit easier and thus, you can eliminate the need to use the manual all the time. Moreover, the menu can also be operated via jog dial and this is too simple to be used. 
Remote – 
The AD600 comes with Godox X1 remote trigger which gives the users an easy access to all features including groups, high speed sync, power settings etc. The buttons of the remote look to be worn out easily and you may end up messing up with its jog dial all the time. Though you get full control on your strobes with this remote and it is very easy to operate. Apart from compromised build quality of the remote, it is a good remote to operate strobe remotely. 
Last thing I would like to mention here is that the remote buttons are required to be labelled properly and you would always require the manual to learn the secondary job of each buttons available on it. 
In Final Words – 
The good thing about Godox Witstro AD600 is its quality build design, appealing colour consistency, good output consistency, easy to use Godox trigger, all in one light package, great battery life, high speed sync and fast setup. Though there are some issues available that we cannot ignore which include HSS bug available in the remote, Bowen’s mount, a little flimsy mounting lug, remote lacks the feature to power up or down the strobe and convoluted button system. 

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