Advantages and Disadvantages of a DC Inverter AC

Aug 07, 2023

A new era of intelligent, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly devices has arrived thanks to technological advancements. There was only one sort of air conditioner, the conventional one, until a few years ago. Now, a relatively new idea is the inverter air conditioner. Human nature compels us to err on the side of caution. Therefore, having reservations about this novel type of air conditioner is not something to be ashamed of.

In this blog by BnW Collections, we will first put some light on the working of DC Inverter AC and then discuss the advantages and disadvantages of DC air conditioners. Let's dive into this!

How Does The Inverter Technology Work?

The inverter regulates the frequency of power sent to the compressor motor within the air conditioning machine. The compressor motor is responsible for maintaining and controlling the rotational speed of the compressor, which powers the refrigerant flow inside the system and handles the cooling and heating needs within a room or designated space.

One of the most significant advantages of the inverter technology isn't just the cost savings but also the substantial reduction in power consumption throughout the life of the air conditioner.

Advantages Of A DC Inverter AC

Adopting the most recent technology air conditioner offers more advantages than using older technology. Here we will explain the benefits of a DC Inverter AC in detail below:

Energy Efficient

One of the key reasons why most home appliances are underutilized is that they are inefficient in terms of energy consumption. Though energy-efficient appliances are somewhat pricey, the benefits readily offset the initial expense. When compared to a traditional AC unit, an inverter technology air conditioner always consumes less energy.

A compressor in a traditional air conditioning unit consumes more current at startup, sometimes up to six to seven times the running current. While it also causes the lights to blink. The compressor in inverter air conditioners is variable speed. That is, instead of turning on and off continually, the motor runs at an even rate. As a result, energy usage is reduced.

Voltage Level Stability

Unlike non-inverter ACs, no voltage variations occur when the compressor is turned on and off. This is due to the fact that the compressor in an inverter AC starts slowly and runs continually at a low speed to maintain a stable voltage.

Soundless Operation

The compressor motor of the DC inverter air conditioner does not constantly turn on and off but instead operates at a low power level. This type of mechanism improves the operation's quietness.

Unlike non-inverters, they do not automatically turn on and off when a particular temperature is reached; instead, they simply cruise around, maintaining and regulating the temperature constantly.

Long Life

The technology and hardware used in DC inverter air conditioners not only improve the cooling and heating impact but also increases the unit's lifespan. In comparison to a non-inverter machine, the inverter consumes less electricity and so works less, making it less prone to wear and tear.


When an inverter air conditioner is turned on, its compressor runs at maximum speed to immediately cool the space. Once the required temperature has been achieved, the variable frequency drive controls the speed of the compressor, which is fully dependent on the desired cooling of your room.

Temperature fluctuations are less when compared to a normal AC system. This aids in maintaining a comfortable environment for everyone at all times.

Disadvantages Of A DC Inverter AC

The following are the disadvantages of an Inverter AC:

Expensive Repair & Maintenance

The components that compose an inverter AC are costly. Therefore, its repair and maintenance are expensive services. Before making a purchasing decision, consider the costs associated in case of issues, as well as whether you can afford it or not.

The better is to opt for a reliable brand. This will save you from heavy maintenance costs and other mishaps.

Electromagnetic Noises

Such noises usually happen as a result of voltage reduction. This loudness may cause electrical disruptions in your home's other home and kitchen equipment. To reduce or silence high-frequency electrical noise, capacitors and different inductors are used. This is why the overall cost of the system has increased.

Refrigerant R410a

The compressor used in inverter AC differs from that used in non-inverter AC. This is why technicians charge more for R410a refills than R22 refills. However, when it comes to refrigerants, R410a is more environmentally friendly and more expensive than R22.

Bad Insulation Increases Costs

The Inverter AC will only be efficient if the room is properly insulated. If the insulation in the room is not sufficient, the power consumption will be excessive, and your electricity bill will rise accordingly. So, you must be careful considering the insulation of the room.

Non Inverter Vs DC Inverter

Inverter AC is an expensive technology with even more expensive support services. The price difference is too significant when compared to the cost of a standard air conditioner.

The advantages and disadvantages of inverter AC make the decision incredibly tough. Furthermore, the cost of maintaining it does not work to its advantage. However, it is undeniable that they are the most efficient in all other aspects. Inverter air conditioners are difficult to overlook regarding energy usage, electricity bills, or performance.

Conclusive Thoughts

DC inverter ACs offer numerous benefits, including energy efficiency, consistent cooling, and quieter operation, making them a strong contender in the air conditioning market. These contemporary cooling solutions are available at "BnW Collections." We are an authorized dealer of inverter ACs, providing a range of options for consumers seeking efficient and sustainable cooling solutions.

Despite their higher initial cost and potential complexities in repairs, the long-term energy-saving potential and eco-friendly operation of inverter ACs make them an attractive choice for customers looking to invest in both comfort and environmental responsibility. You must consider your cooling needs, budget, and the retailer's credibility to ensure a wise purchase decision.

We are well known for providing convenience and comfort to all our customers. BnW Collections has a reputation in electronic appliances as we offer the best DC inverter price in Pakistan. So, browse our collection and order the one you want!

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