5 Things that Every DSLR Camera Needs

Feb 16, 2023

1. Being Comfortable ( DSLR Camera Bags )

The First Thing a DSLR wants is to feel Comfortable, and what better way of doing that without providing a proper bag? DSLR bags are not ordinary bags, they are packed with special foam to keep DSLRs Protected from Hits Bumps and at times even falls. If you like carrying your camera around and prefer not to change lenses often a Triangular Design Bag Such as the 
Lowepro Toploader Zoom 50 AW
 will be well suited. For People who require more flexibility with extra lenses and off camera flashes Heavy Duty Bags May do the Job.

Not only do these specialized bags protect a camera from being broken, they can also save the camera from rain and excessive dust.A variety of Bags Available Here

2.LCD Protectors

For Enthusiastic Photographers as well as a mateurs, a good display is always required. DSLR Manufacturers make sure to add value to their cameras by adding the best of LCD screens for display. These screens are however, vulnerable to Scratches which not only ruins the display quality but also the resale value of the camera. A LCD protector is a very reasonable investment to your precious DSLR.

3 .Protecting the Lens

Lenses render the images. Small scratches or finger prints on the Lens can lead to a serious concern for the Quality Enthusiasts . UV Filters and 
Play a great role in protecting the Lens.

Despite its Ability to Block UV light, a UV filter acts as an Additional layer of glass to the lens. In case of scratches or cracks. It is much easier and cheaper to replace then the lens itself.

A Lens Hood not only protects the Images from flares, but also protects the Lens bumping into objects. It also contributes to the looks of the Camera.

4. Cleanliness

Like Humans, DSLR’s Want to remain hygienic and must be cleaned after a trip to the Zoo, Beach or even after a Dinner party. There are many advantages to having a clean camera, the two main advantages being Better Image quality and a better resale value. a DSLR Cleaning Kit is essential for every DSLR Owner.

A Typical Cleaning Kit contains:

A Lens Pen that has a Retractable Brush on one side that may be used to dust the body and the lens and to the other side it has a Micro Fiber disk Which helps remove smudges and fingerprints. A Hurricane Blower is a Little, Rather Ironically Named blower providing the right strength of wind to remove the residual dry dust particles from the Lens as well as from the Sensor Mirror.

A Microfiber Cloth is typically a cloth used from cleaning dust from delicate surfaces, Such as mobile screens or lenses. In comparison to a normal cloth, a micro fiber does not scratch the screen nor leaves behind any traces of its own fiber.

Few Sensor Swabs, These are Swabs that are used to clean the CMOS sensor of your DSLR.

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5. Additional Protection

Afraid Of your falling down ? Don’t worry There are Just about enough solutions for you to choose from, First being a Padded Neck Strap.

Second Being a Hand grip, For those who don’t want to carry the weight around their necks a hand grip is idol for stopping the camera to slip from their hands. Need One ? Click Here    

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