3 Quick Tips on How to Take Proper Care of Your Camera

Feb 16, 2023

DSLR Cameras require a lot of attention. They are expensive to buy and require a lot of time to keep them tidy, and in good working condition. The good thing is that they do last a long time if your prepared to take proper care of them. Here are some of my best tips which you can use, and will ensure your DSLR camera will always be in great condition and continue to work for you for a long time to come.

Tip #1 Clean the Lense.

Although an obvious one i hear you say, but you’d be suprised just how many photographers i meet who never do. If you do a lot of outdoor photography then dirt and debris will always finds a way into your camera senors and lens. This problem can be solved using a soft swab or with any soft piece of cloth. All you need to do is swipe the swab across your camera lens one direction at a time. I recommend you use the sensor swabs referred by the camera manufacture or which are available in any camera shop.

Tip #2 Clean the Camera Body

After cleaning up the lenses use a another soft piece of cloth and clean the outer part of your camera body. Do no use the same cloth that you used to clean the lens area to clean the outer body as that could transfer any dirt to the body. Also, never blow on your camera, blowing will accumulate moisture on your camera body which will attract more dirt and can be much harder to clean afterwards. Use a blower brush to clean and swipe the dust off your camera.

Tip #3 Clean the Filter

Quite often dirt can get inside the camera filter which covers the image sensor. When this happens you have to clean the dirt off of your filter or else they can be seen when you take an image. Filters are one of the very delicate parts of the camera body and you have to take extra care while you clean them. It might sound hard to clean the filter but follow the steps i’ve outlined below and you can do it yourself:

  1. First, charge the battery to 100% so that the mirror does not close when you are cleaning the filter.
  2. Remove lens from the camera and keep a blower handy.
  3. Now go to Menu System and click on Mirror lock function. Doing this the mirror will not close when you hit shutter release button.
  4. Now, look for dirt in the lens under a bright light, if you see any dust and dirt in there then put the device downwards and use the blow to clean the filter of any debris.

Do not use your hand or any piece of cloth to clean the filters. If the above process does not clean the filter, then the only option you have is to bring the camera to a repair shop and get cleaned by a expert technician.

Tricks to protect your camera

DSLR cameras cost a lot and are delicate. Always keep the camera in its bag if not in use and never forget to put the cap on after using it. Using a filter on the lens is the best way to protect them. Also, make sure to never place your camera in high temperature or in extreme humidity. Use good care to take care of your camera and you can be sure it will work flawlessly for a long period of time.

Are there any other cleaning tips you would add to this list? Leave a comment below to let me know.

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