Wacom CTL-672-N Creative Pen Tablet Medium

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Rs 28,000

Wacom CTL-672-N Creative Pen Tablet Medium Price & Specs

  • Precise pen tablet
  • USB connection
  • Size: M (Medium)
  • Color: Black
  • The Face is black and the back is red.

Wacom CTL-672-N Creative Pen Tablet Medium Overview

The natural pen experience
A responsive, ergonomic, pressure-sensitive pen gives you a natural way to sketch, draw, paint or edit photos.The pen doesn’t need batteries, so it's lightweight, perfectly balanced and comfortable enough to use as long as you like. The drawing experience immediately feels familiar – like pen on paper.

Take your creativity to a new level
Sketch and paint with more precision. Our advanced electro-magnetic pen technology gives you excellent control and accuracy.

So simple to set up
Whatever you want to create, it’s easy with One by Wacom. The tablet has everything you need, and nothing that you don’t,so it’s easy to get started on your next project. Just connect the USB cable to your Mac or PC, download and install the driver and you’re ready to go. Starting on that project really is that simple.