Tcl Tac 18T5 Smart Air Conditioner

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Tcl Tac 18T5 Smart Air Conditioner Price in Pakistan

5D DC INVERTER - A DC inverter air conditioner varies the speed of the compressor, providing a precise way of maintaining the set temperature, realizing energy savings of up to 60%.

 TITAN GOLD Strong Hydrophilic -Condensate water will not be retained on fins of both evaporator and condenser. - Self-cleaning No accumulation of dust, dirt and bacteria on the surface. - Sterilizing Free from extraneous odor for a longer period

Vertical/Horizontal Auto Swing - 4-way airflow function provides users a wide range of comfortable air.

Precise Control - A DC inverter air-con varies the compressor rotation speed to provide a precise method of maintaining the set temperature. To make you enjoy a high efficient and comfortable life.

Lower Noise - Low Temperature Heating - Wide Voltage Range Start-up

 60°C Strong Cooling in High Temperature - 50°C Cooling Without Any Capacity Decline - In cooling mode, the cool air is blowing towards the ceiling to provide shower-style cooling experience. - In heating mode, the warm air is blowing towards the floor  to provide blanket-style heating  experience.

SUPER QUIET INDOOR MOTOR Running at low speed. Quieter than the ordinary motor. Large-diameter asymmetric aero quiet cross fan - Soft and quiet air flow

50°c High Temperature Self-cleaning - Cleans by it self. Just relax!

SUPER QUIET DUCT SYSTEM - Reducing the friction to lower noise

WIFI CONTROL - With the function, users can easily control the air-con outside the house via smart device, it provides convenient and intelligent life such as precooling your house before you back home.

filter cleaning - One button control to start up the mode. The air-con cools the room much faster and then operates at low frequency but keeps the desired temperature.

60°C Strong Cooling in High Temperature - 50°C Cooling Without Any Capacity Decline - Air-cooled electric control box is applied to effectively cool down temperature of components of outdoor unit.

Leakage Detection - In cooling mode, the sensor on the evaporator coil will monitor the temperature, and the system will stop operation automatically to ensure safety once the refrigerant leakage is detected. The error code will be displayed on the panel of indoor unit.

T3 Compressor - Especially suitable for high temperature region.