SmallRig Camera Cage for Sony a7II/a7RII/a7SII

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SmallRig Camera Cage for Sony a7II/a7RII/a7SII Price & Specs

  • Formfitting Camera Cage
  • HDMI Cable Clamp
  • NATO Rail on Left Side
  • ARRI-Style Rosette on Right Side
  • ARRI-Style Accessory Mounts
  • 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 Accessory Threads
  • Integrated Cold Shoe
  • Maintains Access to Camera Controls
  • Carrying Strap Slots


SmallRig Camera Cage for Sony a7II/a7RII/a7SII 1982 is designed to serve as the supporting point for your camera rig. It is compatible with Sony a7II, a7RII, and a7SII camera. Made from a piece of the high quality aluminum alloy, it is lightweight and durable. The cage can be perfectly matched to your camera body and prevents unwanted rotation while maintaining access to all ports and buttons, including the battery compartment.

For accessory attachment, a cold shoe placed on the top enables select shoe-mounted arms and accessories to be utilized with ease. The cage features NATO standard accessory rail on the left side, enabling you to mount NATO handles, clamps, and other NATO compatible accessories. There is an ARRI rosette on the right side, which adapts the ARRI compatible accessories. An integrated plate at the bottom of the cage enables you to attach an optional Raiser Block, which makes further attachment to 15mm rods to expand your camera rig. Besides, it is also possible to attach Arca Swiss/Manfrotto plate. It is equipped with arrays of 1/4’’-20 tapped holes and multiple 3/8’’-16 tapped holes for additional accessories. This cage also includes an HDMI cable protector lock to protect your camera HDMI port. ARRI accessory mount is also available in several places (3/8’’-16 screw hole with locating pins adjacent).Machined into the cage are slots for optional accessory wrist and shoulder straps.

Key Features:

1.Maintains Access to Buttons and Ports;

2.1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 Attachment Points;

3.Built-in Shoe Mount;

4.NATO Rail and ARRI Rosette Included;

5.ARRI Accessory Mount Points;

6.Slots Machined for Wrist and Shoulder Straps;

7.HDMI Cable Clamp 


Sony a7II/a7RII/a7SII