Screen Protector For Canon 750D/760D/700D

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Screen Protector For Canon 750D/760D/700D Price & Specs

DBK screen protector is designed to protect screen from scratches or damage.
With glass self-adhesive and special frame design,DBK is applied on the LCD screen with Gapless technique without Affecting the sensitivity of touch/swivel screen.
DBK protector is easy to install with NO sticky residue.
1.DBK is applied on the LCD screen with gapless technique,adhesive power is 130g/cm2.DBK will not slip off at normal temperature and humidity.
2.Special frame design provides optically clear viewing.
3.DBK is made of 0.3mm Japanese optical glass.Light transmittance is over 90%.Compatible with touch/swivel screen.
4.Strengthened and precision polishing on the surface.The MOHS scale of DBK is 8H.Anti-Abrasion, and anti-scratch.
5.With special shatter-proof film,the elastic pressure of GGS protector is 12kg/cm2.
6.Easy to install and remove with NO sticky residue.