NiceFoto Parabolic Octa Softbox 90CM With Grid

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NiceFoto Parabolic Octa Softbox 90CM With Grid

Key Feature

  • Deep Dome Design, work like an oversize reflector, which is good for light concentration and gaining light effects with soft and high saturation, lighter and more smooth than another similar softbox.
  • With mesh reflective fabric, the light emission efficiency is higher and the reflected light is more uniform.
  • Both of 16 rods and body are fixed together, assembled, and disassembled with a push switch button, more quickly and more simply than traditional softboxes with separate rods. These rods are sturdy and resistant to breakage.
  • The quick set-up deep softbox has a grid, soft light, guiding light, directional lighting.
  • With Bowen mount can be fitted to most studio flashes, and can perfectly work for larger power professional Led lights.

NiceFoto Parabolic Softbox 35.4 inch/90cm Quick Setup Deep Soft Box II with Honeycomb Grid and Bowens Mount for Studio Monolight LED Light Photography
The Softbox has a deep parabolic design with a large parabola depth and a long-distance of light transmission, which makes the light increase slowly from the center to the edge, the light changes more evenly, gets large light range, uniform illumination effect, rich the layer of light, and soft light quality.