Kenwood FDP-65 400WH Food Processor

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Kenwood FDP-65 400WH Food Processor Price in Pakistan

Multipro express fdp65.450wh
Easily conjure delicious, fresh meals on the table in seconds with the Multipro Express Food Processor FDP65.450WH from Kenwood. With the all-in-one system and many additional attachments, chopping, slicing, whisking and grating has never been easier. In addition, you save valuable space in your kitchen thanks to the compact design and a handy storage bag for all associated accessories is included.

All-in-one system
With Kenwood's all-in-one system, you can chop, grate, slice, blend, knead, puree, whisk and even juice. All with just one base, saving you time and space.
Precise cutting
Finely chopped, coarsely chopped or rather puree? Achieve just the right texture with our unique cutting system and micro serrated blades.
Space-saving design
Make enough for everyone without sacrificing space on your worktop. It is our most compact 3 liter food processor. Keep cutting and grating, as much as you want!
For savory and sweet
Multipro makes more than savory dishes. Be creative and use the bread dough dough tool. The 2-in-1 baking tool™ can also whip cream. One less tool in the pantry.
Including storage bag
Never lose that extra part again. The storage bag helps to keep everything together and neatly stored.
Speed dial button
Two speeds and a rotary knob make preparing food quick and easy. Take the guesswork out of clear icons that show you the right attachment for every job.
Perfect results
Remove the smaller pestle for a rounder filler opening that holds thin ingredients, such as carrots, upright for neat slices. Or use the larger feed tube for larger ingredients. The clear graduations make adding oil easy.
1000 Watt motor
The 1000 Watt motor is built to last. It is easy to operate with two speeds: one for every day and one for extra power for harder ingredients like root vegetables. Use the pulse on the speed dial to coarsely chop herbs
Double-sided slicing/grating discs
The elegant Multipro Express has a generous 3 liter mixing bowl. It comes with two stainless steel discs for slicing and grating. Simply attach them to the mixing bowl and you're good to go!
Dishwasher safe attachments
MultiPro Express saves time when cleaning and preparing food. Simply put the attachments in the dishwasher. Please note: the blender unit and grinding blades are not dishwasher safe. They are easy to clean by rinsing them under the tap.
Get started right away!
Get started right away thanks to the large 3 liter mixing bowl and the included handy attachments for chopping, slicing and grating quickly and effortlessly. Preparing vegetables, salads and herbs is now very easy!