Westpoint Hair Clipper And Trimmer WF-6813

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Rs 4,850

Hair Clipper And Trimmer Price in Pakistan

Trim Easily with Westpoint Hair Clipper

  • Rechargeable Hair Clipper for 40min of Cordless Operation
  • Removable, Stainless Steel Cutting Blade
  • Thinning Function Button
  • Cutting guide: 3-24mm
  • Cutting guide: 14-35mm
  • Power Light Indicator
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Noise Level 68dB
  • Accessories: Stand Base, Lubricating Oil, Cleaning Brush, Charging Adaptor
  • Charging Time: 8 Hours
  • Rechargeable Batteries: Ni-MH, 650mAh x 2
  • 6 WATTS | 100 - 240V - 50Hz

    Rechargeable Hair Trimmer
    Precision and advanced style make your unique look using this multi-functional hair trimmer made of metal! Useable accessories let you cut your hair, body, and beard. Westpoint hair clipper blades provide precision, and the rubber grip that is non-slip of the handle offers the user control and ease of use.
    With the best hair trimmer in Pakistan, clean the barber clipper and accessories after every use for lasting performance. Skin-friendly blades that self-sharpen for an ideal shaving. The highest quality barber clippers and hair clippers are cordless and created with beards, stubble, and body hair that are not wanted in mind. Keep your classic appearance with a fresh cut or experiment with a new look, and you'll become your stylist within a matter of minutes.
    The Westpoint hair trimmer can capture hairs with low levels and bring them to the blades to ensure accurate and precise trimming of the stubble. Westpoint barber clippers can be used to maintain your beard and stubble and be ideal for trimming hair. It allows you to customize your appearance quickly.