Haier HSU 18HJUV UV Inverter

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Haier HSU 18HJUV UV Inverter Price in Pakistan

1.5 Ton Haier HSU 18HJUV UV Inverter

UV Generator
The UV lights emit rays near the air inlet where room air circulates into the AC. The airborne hazards are instantly get killed when passes through the area.
Wi-Fi Control
With plug-in USB design the air conditioner can be controlled by your phone via WiFi or 3G/4G network anytime anywhere.
Mobile APP “Haier Smart” can be downloaded from Google Play Store for android and Apple App Store for iOS operating system.
Self Cleaning
Dirt accumulates on the evaporator of the air conditioner during its operation, the dirty evaporator facilitates bacterial growth and affect the quality of air out and the health of our body, our patent Cold Expansion Technology freezes the surface with moisture in the air and removes the dirt in defrosting.

  • UVC Sterilization

  • Self Cleaning

  • Anti Corrosion 100% Copper