Godox Sa-17 Bowens Mount Optical Snoot Kit

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Rs 10,000

Godox Sa-17 Bowens Mount Optical Snoot Kit Price in Pakistan

  • It can compatible with any Bowens Mount LED Light, Such as Godox VL150 VL200 VL300 UL150 SL-150WII SL-200WII FV150 FV200 LA200D LA150D SL300II SZ150R SL-150W SL-200W etc and other Bowens Mount LED Light.(Only for LED lights).
  • Godox SA-17 is mount adapter which can be added to bowens mount LED video light and then change to S30 mount. Then you add projection attachment and using iris, shutter, Gobo, etc; Perfect to use as a hair light or dramatic accent light, creating a unique portrait for you and also ideal for producing stage focusing effect with strobe light.
  • Using Godox SA-17 adapter tube, the Bowens Mount LED lamp can also easily use the SA-P projector and its accessories, such as lenses, transparencies,adjustable iris,etc.to obtain the point light source control effect and portray photos and videos The detailed light effects required for shooting.
  • It must be used with SA-P Projection Attachment and other abundant accessories to generate creative light effects. Not only can replace different lenses, but also add various light shaping accessories, such as Godox SA-06 Iris Diaphragm, Godox SA-09 GOBO Set, Godox SA-10 GOBO Set Holder, correct the color and create various atmospheres.
  • Included Items: 1* Godox SA-17 Adapter, 1* Godox SA-P Projection Adapter, 1* Godox SA-06 Iris, 1* Godox SA-09-001 GOBO Set, 1* Godox SA-10 GOBO Set Holder, 1* LETWING Cleaning Cloth.