Godox Portable Octa 95CM

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Godox Portable Octa 95CM Price & Specs

Professional reflective fabric with precise color temperature matching, ornate, hard bones provides enough support for the softbox.
2 layers of soft fabric can make the light more even, gentle, delicate, suitable for a variety of studio flash shooting.
Silver white umbrella Skeleton design, convenient to fold and install, portable, easy to carry.
With standard size, Bowens mounts, this high-quality Softbox fits the right hand in any studio.
Widely used, the Softbox octagonal umbrella makes it desirable for fashion, portrait, and medium to large-sized product photography.


  • Brand: Godox
  • Model: SB-UE
  • Shape: Octagon
  • Mount Type: Bowens Mount
  • Softbox Size(diameter): 95cm / 37.4in
  • Package Weight: 1.65Kg / 3.59Lbs

Package List:

1 * Softbox
1 * parachute rail bracket (Bonds Mount)
2 * Soft fabric
1 * Carrying bag