FUJIFILM View Camera Adapter G

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FUJIFILM View Camera Adapter G Price in Pakistan

The View Camera Adapter G from FUJIFILM comprises a G-type lens mount on a universal-type plate, allowing select G-mount medium-format mirrorless cameras to be used as a digital back on a 4 x 5" view camera body. The digital camera body can be mounted on the standard universal-type back of a view camera to enable using its perspective control movements and large-format lenses. The large image circle of large-format lenses and variable optical axis functions can be used to perform tilt shooting photography, effective for product shooting and architectural photography. When in use, the camera can be triggered by either a lens-based shutter or the in-body focal plane shutter for more precise exposure control.

NOTE: There may be instances in which the adapter cannot be mounted depending on the shape of the view camera.

Compatible Cameras

  • GFX100
  • GFX100S
  • GFX 50S
  • GFX 50R