Expert Wireless Live View Remote Control

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Expert Wireless Live-View Remote Control Price & Specs

You can experience the live view of your camera via wireless control up to 200 meters distance. With the available audio device attached to the camera, you can also hear the voices as your camera experiencing. This pixel expert has a 3.5” TFT monitor which has a resolution of 320*240 pixels. The mounted on board speakers will let you hear the voices surrounding the camera. Transmitter over camera has also a built –in camera (CMOS lens). It also provides the captured image onto the monitor.

You can also control the camera’s shutter, it gives you the ability to do single shot, delayed shooting or bulb shooting. Another exciting feature is that you can save the screenshot right at the receiver unit. Zoom in function is also included in the Live View mode. With playback function, you can also watch the previous photos and even can connect to TV display.