Double Arm Steadicam LE-304

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Rs 95,000

Double Arm Steadicam LE-304 Price & Specs

1.,    Its load capacity is 1-4.5KG and it is an entry level Steadicam with a dual arm.
2.    It has a flexible count weight and a rotatable monitor header.
3.    It has a single knob which is helpful while adjusting the height and a thinner chest plate is used on its vest.
4.    Due to its improved dual arm structure, the gentleness and stability become much better.
5.    It is easy to carry and operate. Following are some parts which are included in the box.

  • •    1* Vest
  • •    1*Carry Bag
  • •    1* Counter Weights
  • •    1*Dual Arm
  • •    1* Carbon Fiber Stabilizer