DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

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DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Price & Specs

The Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer from DJI is a system of camera stabilization which is designed to give unencumbered handheld shooting to the operator which is close to the freedom. This function is computer controlled A roll range of +-110 and a tilt range of 105/up. The included transmitter system operates on a 2.4GHZ processor, you can also use third party transmitter with D-bus port on Ronion-M which helps to install your own receiver.

Invest and sled style stabilizers, it requires balancing before use in motorized gimbal systems. You can configure the Ronin-M, once it is well balanced for your particular camera. You can set it by using the assistant software which is compatible with both Windows and IOS devices the via Bluetooth. As every lens combination and camera has a different weight distribution and different mass, there is an Auto-Tune Stability procedure, in this procedure, each axis will adjust individually and repeat the same process until the remaining all three axes are fully aligned. You won’t have to hold the rig by yourself during the process as a gimbal tuning stand is provided.

You can power the Ronin-M for up to 6 hours by the 4S lithium-polymer battery included in the set. Its power regulation and protection is built-in and importantly there is no extra balancing lead just like other lithium-polymer batteries. The charger is also included in the set and always use the Ronin-M chargers which are specifically designed for them due to its smart circuitry. One USB port and a 12V DC power taps are included in the base of the camera. It simplifies the charging process or regime and frees you from the unnecessary weight.

 As for the cameras up to 8lb, the auto-configuration feature of the camera allows Ronin-M to adapt the wide range of camera sizes. It is ideally suited for mirrorless cameras and compact video cameras. Due to its smooth track control, it allows the gimbal to translate the pan and tilt movements of the camera into much-stabilized movements. It is helpful in capturing the broad wide angle scenes or it can be helpful while shooting in close quarters and is much easier to control during single operator use.

Auto Configuration
By the simple tap of ATS button, after you balance the camera, Ronin-M will be automatically tuned as per the mass and, weight of your camera rig. Gimbal will automatically set the parameters based on the camera rig’s weight. It will independently set each of the three axes until the desired setting is found.
Three Operation Modes
Upright Operation Mode
This upright mode will allow the gimbal to be flipped over so a camera can be operated closer to the eye level. You can use it in DJI Ronin-3 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer, it is usually mounted on top of the vehicle.
Underslung(Suspended)Operation Mode
Underslung or suspended operation mode is usually known as the standard model for Ronin-M. A low slung is usually close to the ground and lifting it in front of you will allow you to have more stabilized handheld footage. It can be also used in multirotor RC helicopter.
Second Operator Control
The 2.4ghz processor of Ronin-M provides pan and tilt control as well as it provides users to adjust speed settings and other operation modes via toggle buttons/ switches. This process is done while one of the operators holds the gimbal and the other operates the camera manually. D-Bus port is also available if you want to use a third party transmitter.
Optional thumb Controller for Pan/Tilt
For Ronin-M Handheld Gimbal controller, single thumb control system is possible. All the tilt and pan movements are controlled by the thumb controller attachment which is also available separately. By using this interface we can change smooth track mode.
Assistant Software for Windows and Mobile
It is essential to have a mobile device or computer to run the assistant software. It is available for Windows and IOS mobile devices. By using this software you can:

•    According to a user interface, you can adjust smooth track.

•    Enable and configure second operator control.

•    You can generate stats and run diagnostics.

•    You can interface the software via Bluetooth, USB or also wirelessly.

•    Universal mounting

•    Solid Support arm

•    It also gives a built-in balance adjustment system. It gives us freedom to not use any tools for setting as it usually saves time while changing the setup.

You can also install the firmware updates. Due to tool free adjustment, it saves time during changing the setup. Its solid support arm gives firm stability and also reliability.
Silent Mode
While shooting in close places or indoors, this silent mode reduces the voice of ever motor as low as possible. The algorithms of Ronin-M stabilization are updated to focus on very little changes and stabilization it provides helps us to detect the sensitive microphones did not record any sound of the motors.
Quick Release Smart Battery
It provides an estimated 6 hours of run time which surely depends on the use. The battery of Ronin-M is designed for way changes and is charged by the specific charger which is also included in the set. The LED’s on the camera lets us inform the current battery status.
Power Distribution Box
It has one 500mAh USB connector of type A female and two 12v DC regulated PowerTaps. Also, a downlink is provided via connection point for DJI Lightbridge Long Range HD Video. It provides power connection for various accessories like video transmitters, motorized follow focus systems and much more.
Quick Release Top Handle
It is well designed to save time during breaking the system down. While you remove the handle bars it can also remove reduce the size while filming in tight locations. It is based on muse technology. Ronin-M also uses the same technology used in DJI’s aerial gimbals for handheld terrestrial use.
Compatible Accessories
Wireless Thumb Controller for Ronin-M)
Ronin-M Battery(Note: The Ronin-M Battery (3400mAh) is not compatible)
Ronin-M Charger(same charger as used by original Ronin-M)
Ronin-M Monitor/Accessory Mount