DJI Inspire 1 V2 Quadcopter with 4K Camera

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DJI Inspire 1 V2 Quadcopter with 4K Camera Price & Specs

This camera can capture video upto 4k and the still picture of 12 megapixels from air.  In order to fix the landing gear design of previous quadcopters the inspire 1 have the retractable arm system where each side have prop motor which lowers the foot while landing. At the time of flight camera provides the unobstructed 360degree view.  The 3 axis gimbal helps in taking steady shots and the camera is pointed to the same direction as camera banks and turns.  The recorded file are collected in micro SD  memory card. You can also get the live stream in 720 p  on any mobile device that is running DJI Lightbridge app or you can also see it on monitor or FPV glasses using HDMI cable. Two transmitter are usually added so one transmitter act as pilot and other for changing direction.
Usually multi rotor system relies on GPS based stabilization system.  This is very suitable at the time of high wind pressure thus  it can hold the position any time when experiencing the  high wind speed. This GPS based system also direct pilot to home in the case of signal loss.  There are so many other flight mode those can be enabled using the mobile app.  There is also an indoor mode which is dependent over optical flow technology.  As GPS is usually not available indoor thus optical flow technology is used in this mode.
The package of the inspire 1 include the gimbal and the camera, flight battery, transmitter , battery charger, tablet holder, for storing and transporting aircrafts, spare flight batteries and more.
What Ready to Fly means:
The inspire 1 is transported in ready to fly mode. It comes with pre bound transmitter thus there is no major assembly is required.  It means there isn’t any kind of soldering is needed for setting up the quad copter. It is recommended to ensure all the proper calibration settings before the first flight.
4k and HD Video Capture:
This inspire 1 camera can capture 4k video with the resolution of 24p and 30p. It can also shoot HD quality video of resolution of 24p to 60p. It also features 1/2.3” CMOS sensor and beautiful 94 degree field of view. This FOV work out equivalent to 20mm to 35mm, this gives you wide view but it’s not extremely wide or fish eye framing. This FOV features less distortion in taken picture.
3-Axis Gimbal:
The camera is mounted through 3 axis gimbal, it uses brushless servo motor in order to keep shot more stable. The camera pans allow full 360 degree movement thus it does not matter which way quadcopter is moving, the camera will remain lock to the subject.  Manually panning and tilting can be changed using the controls of transmitter.
LiveHD View:
You can get the real time live video from inspire 1 camera in 720p  on HDMI monitor or on the mobile device. This features makes it as a great choice for First person view as it enables videographers and photographers to take video from ground.  This gets only possible due to DJI Lightbridge system included in the flight electronics. This enables the range of 1.2 miles.
If you want to connect FPV monitor or HDMI glasses then there is a HDMI port on the transmitter, another USB port is also given with it for charging the mobile device.  Another mount is included with this camera  through which you can attach smart phone or tablet directly to the camera.
Modular Gimbal and Camera:
Another important feature about the inspire 1’s gimbal is that it is remove able and you can easily remove it from aircraft any time. This features allows you to upgrade the gimbal in future as well.
Retractable Carbon Fiber Arms:                         
The carbon fiber arms are in the rest position when they quadcopter landed on ground, which act as landing gear.  Once it is in the air  these landing gears are taken up then unobstructed view around 360 degree is provided to the camera.  Carbon fiber is used as it have high strength.
Aerodynamic design:
The inspire 1 have very beautiful aerodynamic design which provides it sleek look.  This aerodynamic airframe helps in reducing the resistance of air.
Fly indoor without GPS:
This DJI inspire 1  quad copter  camera have optical flow technology that allows it to move indoor.  The sonic waves provides the same stability function as provided by GPS outdoor.  This sonic waves technology allows it  to hold in location.