Detached Umbrella Black/Silver 33

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Detached Umbrella Black/Silver 33 Price & Specs

This umbrella is the one of the most important and common flash accessory.  It works as reflectors and its relatively cheap.

Detached umbrella have following features.

  • This detachable umbrella have removable black fabric cover. This black cover fastens over the structure of the umbrella in order to stop light from penetrating in white fabric.
  • In order to get high key lighting remove the cover.
  • You can easily adjust the angle and coverage by easily changing the distance between umbrella and flash head. In order to get maximum softness make it sure that light beam fills the full diameter of umbrella.
  • It is very easy to setup this umbrella as it close down and open up quickly.
  • This fast and easy setup of umbrella make it ideal for outdoor shooting.
  • The folded umbrella covers very small space.
  • This umbrella can be used on camera mounted flash.

Thus if you are new in studio flash photography then it would be a wise choice to equip your photography items with this umbrella as well.