Dawlance Powercon 45 Inverter

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Dawlance Powercon 45 Inverter Price in Pakistan

2 Ton Dawlance Powercon 45 Inverter

Dawlance Inverter AC 2 Ton Powercon 45 known for its durability and low maintenance. The unit is available in stylish colors and delivers the best cooling result. The energy-efficient functioning of this air conditioner will save you a lot of money on electricity bills every year.
The power consumption is reduce by three times. The Dawlance Inverter AC has a 12-year compressor warranty and a four-year PCB kit warranty.
Dawlance Inverter AC 2 Ton Powercon 45 features an auto shutoff function which protects the electronic control box from fire. The 24000 BTU heat and cool feature enhances the efficiency of the air conditioner. The auto shut-off feature prevents refrigerant leaks and ensures safety. It also prevents the electronic control box from overheating. It is an excellent purchase for your home or office.
The automatic shut-off feature will prevent the refrigerant from leaking. It will also protect the electronic control box from fire. Its high performance means that it can keep your home and family comfortable. You can set a preset temperature and schedule to make sure you get the right temperature at the right time.