Dawlance DHG 590 BI Built-in Oven

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Rs 116,000

Dawlance DHG 590 BI Built-in Oven Price in Pakistan

Tempered Glass Top
Tempered glass tops are stronger than regular glass tops. These types of glass materials can provide better and longer protection for your hobs. They don't crack or get scratches easily which makes them more durable.
Powerful Wok Burner
Our Powerful Wok Burners allows high pressure cooking mainly designed for woks but can be used with many different methods of cooking to give you the best cooking experience.
Auto Ignition
With a simple push of the knob, you can easily ignite your burners.
Spacious Design for big pots
Our large size burners are specially designed for Pakistani cooking style. You can easily cook gourmet meals on them, making them a great addition to your kitchen.
Flame Failure Safety
Our Flame Failure Device is a key safety feature for your Hob. It is responsible for stopping the flow of gas to the burner of your gas hob if the flame has been extinguished for any reason. This will prevent the build-up of harmful gas inside your hob and the kitchen.
Sabaf Burner
The Sabaf is a modern burner which offers a safer and more efficient cooking experience. It’s also safer, because it prevents wastage of gas and there are no fluctuations in pressure or temperature, making your meal cook quickly.
Easy clean & Scratch resistance surface
Easy clean and scratch resistance surface allows users to easily clean their hobs without any hassle.