Commlite Auto Focus Nikon F Mount to Sony E Mount Lens Adopter

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Commlite Auto Focus Nikon F Mount to Sony E Mount Lens Adopter Price & Specs

  • Commlite CM-ENF-E1 PRO
  • A stronger professional version
  • Commlite technology lens CM-ENF-E1 PRO has updated to the latest, firmware version from V05 to V06. Compatible cameras and lens are more extensive. Compatibility has also been greatly improved,it can provide more rapid and accurate focusing experience,it is your indispensable assistant in the creation of the road.

High specification craft
With the development of items,industrial development is beyond human' imagination, Commlite has introduced new production process,let the manufacturing process f the product be greatly upgrades,
to produce high quality AF adapter, there has been a great improvement in the overall quality and details, the product becomes more easy to use, more ergonomic.

ALL-metal contact protection
Joining the metal contacts can effectively protect the metal contact will not be easily wear, and affect the normal data communication function of the adapter. Compared to previous generation,durability and stability has been greatly increased.

Upgraded shifter lever
The previous shifter of the adapter is made of plastic parts. the new model is upgraded to metal, more anti-aging and durable, which quality and stability are upgraded once again.

Reduce the front volume of the base
The lower front volume of the new CM-ENF-E1 PRO has been reduced 30%, which solves the problem hat some Tamron lenses cannot be installed properly,and the compatibility is stronger, while bringing a more beautiful appearance.