BOYA RX8 Pro Dual-Channel Wireless Receiver

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BOYA RX8 Pro Dual-Channel Wireless Receiver Price & Specs

The BOYA RX8 Pro is a compact and rugged belt pack audio receiver. With two channels design, it can work with two transmitters simultaneously, it’s compatible with BOYA TX8 Pro, BY-WHM8 Pro, and BY-WXLR8 Pro ( Transmitter sold separately). Adjustable the volume and two-mode (MONO, Stereo), it can be used in various environments for audio applications such as live stage, theater, houses of worship, and more. For outputs, the receiver features both a phone output for earphone monitoring as well as an output for connecting to the input of a camera with the included stereo mini cable. An optional stereo to dual XLR cable is available for connecting to a professional camera. The unit also comes with a shoe mount and locking adhesive strips for attaching to a camera or camcorder. The beltpack can be wirelessly synced with the transmitter for quick setup, and also offers simple menu operation with an illuminated graphic display for more control options.

- UHF frequencies for interference-free operation
- Dual-Channel
- User-friendly menu for simple operation
- Operates on 2 AA batteries
- Includes 3.5mm locked-plug audio cable
- A 3.5mm headphone jack for real-time monitoring
- Includes shoe mount
- Compact and rugged lightweight plastic housing

Product Highlights:

• UHF Receiver with 48 channels
• Dual-Channel Receiver
• Wirelessly syncs with a transmitter for easy setup
• OLED Display
• Adjustable MONO and Stereo mode
• Operation range can reach up to 100m
• Powered by one Two AA Batteries
• Includes 3.5mm locked-plug audio cable.
• Includes shoe mount