Ball Head+Quick Release Plate for DSLR

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Ball Head+Quick Release Plate For DSLR Price & Specs

100%brand new and high quality of all-metal ball head,very smooth hand feeling and excellent durability
Fashionable with compact and delicate design
Portable,practical and easy to use
Two independent control knobs,adjust each different rotation angle of the head separately,precisely control every adjustment Of the ball head
With a 360°scale at the bottom of the mount,it is perfectly suitable for panoramic shoots
A removable quick-release plate is suitable for cameras with 1/4"screw
3/8"screw mount at the bottom,can be widely applied to various professional tripods
Product Type:Ball Head
Model No.28H
Work Height:110mm
Ball Diameter:36mm
Chassis Diameter:50mm
Net. Weight:0.433kg
Max. Capacity:10kg
Release Plate Screw:UNC 1/4
Chassis Screw Hole:UNC 3/8
Ball head x1