Aputure Light Storm LS-mini20c Bi-Color LED Light

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Aputure Light Storm LS-mini20c Bi-Color LED Light Price & Specs

  • 20-60-Degree Spot to Flood
  • 3200-6500K Color Temperature
  • 4-Way Barndoors
  • 18 dB Fan

Aputure Light Storm LS-mini20c Bi-Color LED Light Overview
The Light Storm LS-mini20c Bi-Color LED Light from Aputure is a chip-on-board (COB) fixture with a 3200-6500K color temperature, and it consumes 30W of power while outputting 390 fc in spot mode and 67 fc in wide mode at a distance of 3.28'. In addition to its power efficiency, this fixture also features accurate color rendering, with a CRI and a TLCI rating of 96.
The LS-mini20c has an intelligent cooling system that employs a temperature sensitive fan to regulate the heat. There is also a auto/force button that triggers maximum cooling.
The LS-mini20c's performance is backed up by its design; the light goes through a hundred fabrication steps. The LS-mini20c is ready for worldwide use thanks to its 110-240 VAC power supply. You can also use an optional battery through D-tap for external DC power when mains power is unavailable.

Powerful Illumination
The LS-mini20c uses the chip-on-board design of the Aputure Light Storm series. It features a TLCI and CRI of 96+, which offers natural, pristine color in any application. With a Fresnel built into the front of the light for focusing, the light beam from the LS-mini20 is capable of outputting 2000 lumens using only 30W of power and can reach up to 40,000 lux at 1.6' away.

The Aputure LS-mini20c offers you complete controllable and shapeable light for any situation. It includes an ultra-smooth dimmer wheel to change intensity from 20% to 100%, and it also has an adjustable beam angle wheel to spot and flood your light anywhere from a 20-60-degree beam angle. Whether you are dealing with shape-based lighting or portrait lighting, the LS-mini20c is a tool to help turn your vision into reality.

Numerous Power Options
With its 5 to 18V port, the LS-mini20c supports a wide-range of powering solutions. The light can be powered using an AC/DC adapter or a Sony NP-F970 battery. It can also be powered by any standard 5V power bank or through D-tap.

Color Temperature
The LS-mini20 features two models with two different color temperatures: the LS-mini20d (7500K) and the LS-mini 20c (3200-6500K).