Aluminum case for DJI Ronin M

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Aluminum Case For DJI Ronin M Price & Specs

The aluminum made hard case custom fit for DJI Ronin-M is a perfect solution to secure the investment you made in camera stabilization equipment. Pelican products Inc. is the overall leader in design and construction of high performance case solutions. In this model, they used their custom-cut foam method to perfectly adjust the DJI Ronin-M and the entire accessories. Make device secure during transfer, this case is made with rugged plastic and is waterproof. It is considered a high quality DJI Ronin-M case.

  • Hard case of aluminum for DJI Ronin-M.
  • Airport size for carry-on. 2 pull and press latches. Double layered. Stock grip handle.
  • Lockable, water tight and vortex valve. Light in weight strong HPX resin. Powerful hinges.
  • One DJI Ronin-M handheld Gimbal.
  • Three DJI Ronin-M batteries.
  • One radio transmitter of DJI Ronin-M.
  • One stand of DJI Ronin-M.
  • One DJI Ronin-M cables and charger.
  • One mounting bracket of DJI Ronin-M.
  • One DSLR lens and camera.
  • One video monitor of 10 inches.