Alseye X240 DIY Liquid Cooler

  • Availability: 2 To 3 Days (100)
  • Brand: Alseye
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Availability: 2 To 3 Days (100)
Rs 55,000

Alseye Xtreme X240 DIY Soft Tube Water Cooling Kit Price In Pakistan

The kit includes two X12 ARGB Cooling Fans, a Xtreme C5 ARGB CPU Water Block, Xtreme Transformer Wing Pump Reservoir Combo, Xtreme WR360 Radiator, six Xtreme 1/2” ID x 3/4” OD Compressions, two meters of Flexible 1/2’‘(8mm) ID x 3/4’‘(12mm) OD Transparent Tube, an ARGB LED controller, and other accessories.

  • Frameless Cooling Fan
  • Transformer Pump Reservoir Combo
  • Copper base, PMMA cover Water block