Almighty Biological Cleaner 5 in 1

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Rs 2,000

Almighty Biological Cleaner 5 in 1 Price in Pakistan

This Pack is including

  • All around cleaner
  • Clean air blower
  • Double-faced flannel
  • Clean cloth nano
  • Double-headed lens-cleaning pen

Double Headed Lens-Cleaning pen
It contains cleaning mixture of non liquid carbon powder as it will not dry or get leaked. The lens cleaner can safely be applied on optical lenses. Remember not to apply it UV mirror. Its flexible and high quality brush is very handy for carry.
Double faced Flannel
The product feels very soft and smooth and can eradicate dirt and absorb water. It is made of high quality reversible flannel. It also helps to quickly remove the fingerprints from the product surface. It can also be very helpful for cleaning LCD screens and other precious instruments.
Clean cloth nano
It is made from nano-fiber and can be clean without water track. Highly absorbent and its durability is five times more than normal fiber.
Clean Air Blower
This product is very elastic and soft and made up of high quality imported rubber. With help of a slight pinch it will generate wind power. It is very light weighted and easy to carry. Its innovative design can ensure a quick air return and also doesn’t allow the dust to absorb in the air chamber which can cause secondary pollution.
All Around Cleaner
It creates friendly and safer environment. It has some functions like electrostatic prevention, sterilization and decontamination. In form of gelatin it is extracted from natural plant.