AD-360 Diffuser Ball

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AD-360 Beauty Dish with Grid Price in Pakistan

Beauty dist is very helpful to obtain a soft diffusion and also helps to reduce the scattering of light. It becomes a very essential tool in professional photography, particularly in fashion and portrait. Both grid and beauty dish can be used to produce good stereoscopic effect and soft transitional edge.
Grid size:Ø290 * 12.9mm
Beauty Dish Size: Ø305 * 115mm
It is also highly compatible with GODOX WITSTRO AD-180 / AD-360 Flash
It also have very useful feature which have honeycomb to eliminate harsh shadows to create a directional light.
It also gives a soft edged lighting effect.
It has silver interior which results in higher spectacular.



Effective Area: 180° Color: White


Dimensions (DxL)
Dimension: φ12cm
Weight: 115g