Westpoint Facial Steamer WF-614

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Facial Steamer WF-614 Price In Pakistan

Best Facial Steamer

  • Vaporizer boils the water and produces a pure warm vapor
  • Vapour is bacteria-free and leaves no dust.
  • Vaporizer automatically shuts off when water reaches the minimum level
  • Patented safety vents regulate vapor flow to prevent over-boiling and splitting
  • Triple wall insulation keeps reservoir water at a safe temperature
  • Translucent container allows the easy filling to water level mark
  • Non-Rust Carbon Electrodes operate efficiently in any water condition and require less frequent cleaning
  • 1.2 Gallon Capacity (4.5 Liters)
  • Operates up to 10 hours on a single filling
  • 310 Watts 220 - 240V - 50/60Hz

Purchase this high-quality best facial steamer for an indulgence-style facial at home. It provides flawless steaming to the face, which helps hydrate and refreshes your skin, removing acne and dirt. Compact and portable sizes are ideal for use wherever you want. Additionally, it's a multi-purpose steamer that can be used to inhale noses blocked in children and adults.
Westpoint facial steamer is a top-quality facial sauna that opens pores and eliminates bacteria, dirt particles, and makeup remnants. It makes the skin soft and silky after use. It gives you the luxury of a spa at your home. It can also help in alleviating congestion and other related conditions. It is easy to clean using an anti-slip base. A Spa Treatment at Home that leaves Pores and Skin Soft and Silky Smooth!
Beautiful and radiant skin is the goal of every person. However, only a handful of people have that glowing, natural skin. The best facial steamers are a low-cost option to keep your skin soft, clear, and less prone to signs of ageing while they refresh your skin naturally. A Westpoint facial steamer can be a gadget that can generate steam and help heal and soothe the skin. If you are looking for a facial steamer near me visit our website.