Haylou GST Lite Smart Watch

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Haylou GST Lite Smart Watch price in Pakistan


Smart Watch

Haylou GST Lite

Lightweight and Considerate

  • 39g lightweight

  • Colorful body

  • 30 workout modes

  • Health guard

  • 9-day battery life

Haylou GST Lite Smart Watch

Haylou GST Lite Large screen

Vibrant Watch Faces

Express More of Yourself

Vibrant APP built-in watch faces can perfectly match your taste and temperament, or you can upload your photos for a more personalized watch face. Pick your favorite one and start the new day!

Haylou GST Lite on a female hand


Workout Modes

Bring a Sense of Fulfillment

30 workout modes to explore to your heart's content. Accurately monitor and analyze key workout data, creating a sense of fulfillment.

Haylou GST Lite on a girl hand

Smart Sleep Monitoring

Sleep Sound and Dream Well

Haylou GST Lite automatically senses your sleep status and records data such as sleep duration and depth to help you develop good sleep habits and start a new day with energy.

Haylou GST Lite Blood oxygen tracking screen

Blood Oxygen Tracking

Better Understand Physical State

The low blood oxygen level can easily lead to fatigue, decreased concentration, and other symptoms. Haylou GST Lite can measure your SpO2 at any time. Night monitoring mode is also added.

* Monitoring data and results are for reference only, not diagnosis or treatment.