5 in 1 Collapsible Reflector 75 cm

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Rs 2,000

5 in 1 Collapsible Reflector 75 CM Price in Pakistan

This 5-in-1 reflector includes five reflector colors on one single convenient frame. Simply turn around the zip off color panels to use. 7 different colors present different functions:

  • Gold color is used to warm up the picture
  • The picture is brightening up by silver color.
  • White color bounces the light in shadows.
  • Translucent: soften light, often used overhead
  • Its size is 75cm.
  • It can be easily folded and fits in the case.
  • Its case has strong zipper and black color with heavy material.

The whole Package Includes:

  • One 7-in-1 Circle Reflector
  • One round carrying case with zipper