4 Way Focusing Rail

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4 Way Focusing Rail Price & Specs

Focusing rail is an important accessory for macro photography. It requires steady hand and precise distance changes as well as other conditions in which exact camera positions are crucial. Two 6 inches rails permit movement in 4 directions forward, backward, left and right. It accepts one fourth thread screws, mounts on and it will adjust most stands and tripods. Brilliant knobs for locking make sure steady focus. This high quality rail can be used with all film SLR and digital cameras and is portable with Nikon, Minolta, Canon and pentax macro with EOS bellows, extension tubes for macro shot or macro lenses like FL and Canon FD.


  •  Two 6 inches rails let the adjustment of rail in 4 directions: right, left, forward or backward.
  •  Pinion gear system and a rack make sure a precise, accurate and smooth movement of rail.
  •  Rock-steady focus is assured by locking knobs once a position of shooting has been obtained.
  • It is compatible with cameras, both digital and film, shoot & point and SLR.