GoPro 12 Release Date | Specs, Price, Review

Jul 24, 2023

The GoPro HERO 12 is on track to transform the action camera industry with its cutting-edge features and outstanding performance. According to rumors, the device's next generation would include better picture stabilization, higher resolution, and a lot more battery life. With the HERO 12, you are able to record breathtaking, top-notch videos like never before, making every excursion an unforgettable one. Follow along as we release more information about this incredible camera.

But what to expect regarding the release date, price, and upgradation of the GoPro HERO 12? Continue reading as we uncover the latest details about this much-anticipated device. In this blog, we'll provide you with a thorough summary supported by the opinions of industry insiders to make it easier for you to learn HERO 12's release date, uncover its hidden rumors, and learn about the expected price of the new HERO.

Release Date of the GoPro HERO 12

The much-anticipated GoPro Hero 12 is soon to be released, and as always, the company continues to honor its history of yearly product introductions. Every September for the past five years, GoPro enthusiasts have been treated to thrilling new releases, and this year is no exception. The most recent GoPro models produced in 2022 were the GoPro Hero 11 Black and GoPro Hero 11 Mini.

The expected GoPro Hero 12 release date in Pakistan is September 15th. So, mark your calendars for September 15th, 2023, when the groundbreaking GoPro HERO 12 will be available. With its enhanced features and cutting-edge technology, this latest addition to the GoPro family will likely take your action-packed experiences to new heights.

Expected Price of the GoPro HERO 12

The GoPro Hero 12 Black is set to give an impressive set of features, and fans are naturally curious about the estimated pricing. While specifications have yet to be released, industry sources predict a price range comparable to the Hero 12's cutting-edge capabilities.

GoPro has not yet officially disclosed the price of the GoPro HERO 12. However, some reports suggest that it will cost $999. This varies according to region and availability. Before the official release, the pricing may potentially vary.

GoPro Hero 12 price in Pakistan is expected to lie around 280,000, which is pretty reasonable considering the amazing features GoPro Hero 12 offers. However, when evaluating any pricing forecast, it's crucial to take into account the extent of upgrades offered by the GoPro Hero 12 Black. While the base price is anticipated to hover around $999, the overall cost may vary based on the extent of enhancements and additional features the Hero 12 brings to the table.

Expected Specs of the New GoPro Hero 12

GoPro has been the pioneer in introducing cutting-edge features to its action cameras, like GPS and motion sensors, voice control, a full-color touch screen, and HyperSmooth. However, until the release of the Hero10 Black, the camera's resolutions and frame rates stayed the same for three generations.

The current edition of the camera can record 5.3K video at 60 fps or 4K video at 120 fps for slow-motion playback. You can even record 2.7K video at 240fps for even slower motion footage. Furthermore, the Hero11 Black has a bigger sensor, which results in greater low-light performance and image and video quality.

Let's take a look at some of the fascinating features that could propel the Hero 12 to new levels of performance and versatility.

Upgraded Sensor Size

It would be fantastic if GoPro increased the sensor size to 1 inch and increased the camera resolution to 8K at 60fps and 4K at 240fps. GoPro is also expected to significantly increase its slow-motion capabilities with the arrival of the Hero12 Black, enabling Full HD at 480fps. These changes would result in a huge improvement in clarity and smoothness, ensuring that every moment is captured in spectacular detail.

High-Resolution Stills With Built-in ND Filter

The Hero 12 may have a camera resolution of up to 20 megapixels, allowing you to create exceptional still photos that precisely capture the beauty of your trips. Simply tell your Hero 12 to start recording or taking pictures without any human interference.

Following several mirrorless cameras' footsteps, the GoPro HERO 12 may include an integrated ND filter. This interesting new feature would allow users to turn the filter on and off and easily adjust exposure by a few stops. Adventurers can explore with slow shutter speeds to capture breathtaking images while having more creative flexibility because they can shoot at wider apertures, even in well-lit settings. However, if you have an older GoPro model, you must purchase your ND filter separately for now.


Cycling enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn that the GoPro Hero 12 has a GPS mod. This interesting new feature would turn the camera into a multipurpose cycles computer, allowing cyclists to map their trips and explore new terrain. When combined with a map mod, the camera's capabilities expand even further, allowing for a variety of new screens and features to enhance the cycling experience.

Splendid Body Design

The Hero 9 Black marked a noticeable change in body size and shape. We anticipate more advancements in the camera's design with the GoPro Hero 12, providing a more ergonomically and user-friendly experience. Adventurers can easily and comfortably capture their exhilarating moments with the proper balancing of form and function.

Improved Stabilization

Even in the most difficult environments, your shots will remain steady and smooth thanks to HyperSmooth 6.0 technology, the most recent in GoPro's range of image stabilization.

Lens Options

If several optical lens options were readily available for various conditions, that would be wonderful. Users could choose from a variety of lenses, such as a linear lens for vlogging, a typical wide lens for general use and extreme sports, and a longer focal length for drone and aerial operations. It might also open up a world of possibilities for special effect lenses and filters.

Final Words

The GoPro Hero 12 can potentially change the market for action cameras. If the rumors are true, users can expect excellent picture and video quality that captures every part of their activities, as well as stunning visuals that completely immerse fans in the action.

The anticipation and excitement among fans continue to grow as we await the official announcement and confirmation of the GoPro Hero 12 2023 specifications. Adventure photographers and tech enthusiasts will soon be able to witness the next stage in the evolution of action cameras, which is ready to make its debut.

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