10 Gigantic Influences Of Yidoblo FD-480 Ring Light For A Photoshoot

May 31, 2021

Everyone wants to look flawless, love putting themselves with selfies or filming videos at high quality. Did you ever notice what is the most important thing in making scarless photos and filming videos?
Well! It is the lights that make everything sharp and bright.
You might know about the ring lights. The professional ring light price in Pakistan has been reasonable.
ln professional photography, pitching an even light onto the subject is essential. The ring light is more capable of reducing the shadows, abates the blemishes, and can elucidate the eyes.
Undoubtedly, Yidoblo FD-480 LED ring light is the best lighting source for making videos and it gives exceptional outcomes to vloggers and live streamers.
The secret of making good quality photos or filming videos is not just having an expensive camera but lightning is more important for photography or videography purposes. Ring light for a photoshoot is commonly used everywhere, most of the YouTubers or live streamers use them to provide their videos a professional look.
The most important tool of photography is lightning, whether it is natural sunlight or an artificial one. Lightning is vital, especially for portrait shots. The ring light creates decent yet admirable effects and the thing which makes it more valuable is that it is convenient to use.
Let's have a look at its powerful features that make it more decisive in the world of photography.

Design And Shape

Yidoblo FD-480ii is an 18" LED ring light, round in shape with an adjustable holding stand. It is specifically designed to cast an even light onto the subject.
These are called ring lights because of their decent and attractive design. These ring lights for photoshoots are available in different sizes as well.


It is lightweight yet portable. It has an LED SMD light source with 480 pieces of LED bulbs.


Yidoblo FD-480 LED ring light is designed primarily for studio photography with a flexible light stand so you can manage the height as per your requirements.
It is a dimmable 18 inches LED ring light with flexibility in height, angle, and twist. It usually comes with a carrying travel case.

Perfect Choice

This LED ring light works perfectly for making videos, photos, selfies, and filming as well. It is equipped with a digital screen so you can monitor the color temperature and power status.
With its extraordinary LCD bulbs, color temperature, remote control feature, it is the best fit for professional photography. It usually comes up with a mobile phone holder, a power cord with an adapter, a makeup mirror, and a carrying bag.

Incredible Glare

Yidoblo FD-480 LED ring light can create an incredible glare with the fine management of color temperature which ranges from 3200k to 5500k.
Professional 480 LED light has a high quality LED tube with high CRI, greater than 95 RA. It is a flicker-free LED tube with a dimmable percentage of up to 10% to 100%.
Moreover, it can handle the voltage AC 110-220/ DC 15V.

Lightning Feature

It helps to create fantastic lighting effects while doing makeup, filming, selfies, and recording live streaming.

Bi-Color Feature

It is a bi-color ring light therefore there is no need of using any optional orange light cover to create natural daylight.

Reasonable Price

This professional ring light in Pakistan is still reasonable and can provide enough brightness as it is super radiant with a 96-watt capacity.
By using a Yidoblo 480ii ring light for a photoshoot, you can get great quality videos and pictures without purchasing a top-notch professional camera. If you want to get the perfect ring light that suits all of your needs, the Yidoblo FD-480 LED ring light is the best fit for you.


Most tremendously, it has a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours.


It is widely applicable to outdoor photo lightning, indoor lightning, portraits, selfies, live broadcasting, fashion shoots, wedding art, filming videos, and many more.
Even most of the youtubers and vloggers use a similar ring light because it is modest to operate and can produce the highest result as compared to other complex systems.


  • Illumination up to 9600 LM
  • The external diameter of 18"
  • Color temperature up to 3200k to 5500k
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) > 95 RA
  • Voltage AC 110-220/ DC 15V
  • Adopt high quality LED beads
  • Suitable for live broadcasting, selfies, makeup, filming, live streaming, etc
  • Lightweight, durable, flexible
  • Adjustable height
  • Mobile phone holder
  • Power cord with adapter
  • Makeup mirror

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