Synco WAir-G1T Ultracompact Digital Wireless Microphone

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Synco WAir-G1T Ultracompact Digital Wireless Microphone Price & Specs


The Synco WAir-G1T is an ultracompact, digital wireless microphone system offering an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and all-inclusive solution for recording your voice to an Android phone or tablet equipped with a USB Type-C port. It delivers considerably improved sound quality compared to the built-in mics on your phone, supplying clear, intelligible speech for shooting videos on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok or for live streaming and online meetings.

The WAir-G1T comprises a tiny, lightweight clip-on transmitter with its own omnidirectional built-in microphone and a compact receiver with a detachable USB Type-C connector that plugs directly into your Android phone. A 3.5mm jack on the receiver lets you plug in headphones for monitoring while you’re recording. The requisite USB charging cable for the transmitter is included as well as a furry windshield for the mic and a carry bag to keep your equipment tidy.

The system delivers reliable transmission with clear sound at a line-of-sight distance up to 492′. The transmitter’s built-in rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of operation and recharges via its USB Type-C port. The receiver is powered by your phone and needs no battery to operate. When the receiver is plugged into your phone, the receiver’s USB Type-C port allows you to recharge your phone while in use, allowing you to record for numerous hours on a USB power pack or indefinitely, if you have access to AC.


Clip-On Transmitter with Built-In Mic

  • The compact transmitter is equipped with both a built-in microphone and a 3.5mm input that accepts an optional lavalier microphone.
  • The transmitter can be clipped on clothing without having to wire yourself or your talent, providing a fast, truly wireless setup. You can also hold the transmitter in your hand and use it as a handheld microphone.
  • A 150 Hz, low-cut filter on the transmitter can be engaged to reduce air-conditioning and wind noise.
  • The Mute button enables you to cut off the microphone while you keep shooting video or live streaming.
  • A furry windshield for the microphone is included for outdoor shoots.

Compact Receiver Mounts Directly on Your Android Phone

  • The compact receiver is equipped with a detachable USB Type-C connecter for direct mounting on your Android phone.
  • The USB Type-C connector can be swapped with a Lightning connector (available separately) for using your system with an iPhone.
  • A USB port on the receiver allows you to power your phone while in operation for virtually unlimited shooting time.

Easy-to-Operate System

  • The transmitter and receiver come pre-paired from the factory. Just turn on your system and you’re ready to go!
  • If needed, simply press the pairing buttons and the system components pair again automatically.
  • Dedicated gain buttons on the receiver allow for 4 levels of gain adjustment for the microphone.
  • The receiver and the transmitter have LEDs that indicate power, battery life, and pairing status.
  • The transmitter is powered for up to 8 hours via a built-in rechargeable battery.
  • The battery recharges in 1 hour; a charging cable is included.