YoloLiv YoloBox Mini: An Amazing Addition To The YoloBox Family

Feb 14, 2023

It all started with the YoloBox liv, then the YoloBox Pro, and now the YoloBox Mini! The YoloBox Mini was released on April 15th, 2022. YoloLiv never disappoints as it consistently improves its products with each new release. A portable, reliable, and affordable product with all the necessary specifications. YoloBox Mini is undoubtedly the best choice for a small but powerful live streaming solution for mobile live streaming needs.
Let's take a look at the new YoloBox Mini and see where it fits in the lineup. But first, let's have a quick peek at the previous YoloBox liv and YoloBox Pro.

YoloBox Liv

YoloBox is a multi-camera live streaming tool for professionals, an all-powerful and multi-functional device. An all-in-one solution and an equivalent of a monitor, restreaming tool, and a dedicated desk. This multi-functional encoder, switcher, monitor, and recorder is extremely portable and can broadcast to three platforms simultaneously.
The YoloBox can effortlessly receive up to 6 video sources thanks to its two HDMI inputs, USB input, and SD card input, making multi-camera live streaming more convenient than ever. It has an Ethernet port, an LTE 4G SIM slot, and WiFi capabilities for easy connectivity.
YoloBox mainly emphasizes convenience. It has an LCD touchscreen. The screen displays the image being streamed as well as all of the input streams. It also includes a control interface for switching between input sources.
The YoloBox supports 720p and 1920 x 1080 input resolutions in both interlaced and progressive modes. It can stream in 540p, 720p, and 1080p at 60 fps. It employs the well-known and widely compatible H.264 codec for all video encoding. The YoloBox includes a headphone jack for monitoring audio levels. Finally, you can save your stream in MP4 format to a card in the built-in SD card slot.

YoloBox Pro

The YoloBox pro is a lightweight multi-camera live streaming solution with all the features of an intelligent streaming device. Except for the camera, it has everything you need to run a live stream on a small 8-inch display. It is undoubtedly a one-stop solution. YoloBox pro is a multi-streaming device that makes it simple to stream to platforms other than those supported by the Yolo box or via RTMP."
You just need to plug in the camera, turn it on, and connect it to the internet, and it's ready to use. It's slightly larger in every dimension, which means a little wider, taller, and heavier. YoloBox pro can switch up to eight resources at a time, including 3 HDMI, 1 USBC, 1 HDMI Out, 1 USB Webcam Out, and 1 SD Card Video + PDF. YoloBox pro is a multi-streaming device with direct connections to Facebook Live, YouTube, and Twitch.
It is effortless to log in to the social account and stream using YoloBox Pro. YoloBox pro is a live switching system that supports up to four physical cameras all at once.

YoloBox Mini

So, What's new in YoloBox mini? Let's dive into this and explore this incredible device in the YoloBox series.
YoloBox Mini is a highly portable live streaming encoder, monitor, and recorder with many powerful features for high-end work! As the name implies, it is pretty tiny in comparison to almost all other live streaming solutions and is ideal for live events that require high mobility. YoloBox Mini is the best choice for a small but powerful live streaming solution for mobile live streaming needs.
The entry-level device in the YoloBox line can enable users to live stream full HD multi-camera content from anywhere to anywhere.
YoloBox mini transforms how users acquire, create, and share live streaming content by providing simultaneous cross-platform delivery to major social channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and RTMP.
The YoloBox Mini is 320g in weight and has a 5.5-inch touchscreen display with 1 HDMI input, 1 HDMI output, and 1 USB-A input. The Mini accepts input resolutions of 720p and 1080p, as well as H.264 streams of 540p, 720p, and 1080p60.
You can display your stream locally on an HDMI device using the HDMI output. There is also a line-level audio input and separate headphone audio out. Using the built-in SD card slot, you can record your stream directly in mp4 format to an optional SD card of up to 128 GB capacity. The line-in connects to the synthesizer, and the mic-in connects to a microphone for recording.

Where to use it?

The YoloBox Mini extends the opportunities in more convenient and portable settings. It's ideal for in-person streaming because you can simply place it on top of your camera, and you are ready to go live. This will also be useful if you're filming a wedding, an event, or a festival and want to go live right away. Simply mount the YoloBox Mini, and you're ready to go!

Key Features Of YoloBox Mini

The following are the key features of the newly released YoloBox mini:

  • It comprises of 5.5" LCD with 500 cd/m² brightness
  • Touch display that can help without a need for a computer
  • You can simultaneously stream to 3 destinations
  • HDCP compliant
  • You can stream via Ethernet, LTE 4G, Wi-Fi
  • Comes along with 1 HDMI input, 1 USB video input, 1 SD card slot, 1 HDMI output
  • Mic and line audio input
  • 1 USB Type-C charging input
  • It can accept input in PDF Format as well
  • You can add logos/comments to the stream
  • It lets you import pictures and videos from an SD card
  • You can record internally to an SD card up to 128GB
  • Offers direct integration with YouTube, Facebook, and RTMP(s)
  • It can support up to 1080p60 video

The Software Of Yolobox Mini

Just like the YoloBox Pro, YoloBox Mini includes most of the YoloBox Pro's features, except multi-views, as it only has one HDMI input. The following are the features of YoloBox Mini software:Options for Live Streaming

  • Backup recording of live streaming
  • Scoreboard
  • Live chat
  • Overlays of images
  • Countdown Timer
  • Screen brightness can be altered
  • Audio quality

Conclusive Thoughts

The YoloBox Mini is pocket-sized live streaming, recording, and monitoring device that is pretty easy to operate and lets the user avoid hassle during long video streamings. It's also an excellent option for multi-platform streaming without the need for a computer. The YoloBox Mini is undoubtedly an ideal device for many videographers, gamers, and streamers.

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