5 Tips for Street Photography in Pakistan

Feb 16, 2023

If you are someone who loves random incidents and encounters then do try Street photography in Pakistan. It is about capturing random events in front of your eyes. Street photography doesn’t mean that you have to hold your camera in narrow streets and capture whatever you see. You can be anywhere. For example, if you are from Karachi, you can visit the sea view to take photographs of the sun going down. You can find your subjects on the roads of Lahore and Islamabad as well. Doesn’t matter you live in a big or small city, just take your camera and start capturing.
Street photography is not easy, but it is one of the rewarding hobbies. A photographer requires patience and hard work to capture events as they are. It is difficult to pick where to start, but once you are out there, you will find a wealth of subjects waiting in streets to be captured. You don’t need a plan or set time to get that perfect shot. It can be even more interesting if you live in a crowded city, you will have tons of perspectives in front of you.

Our top 5 tips for street photography in Pakistan

1. Select the Best lens

Choosing the lens is one of many things that you have to overthink before starting your journey on the streets of Pakistan. Some photographers are tempted to use a telephoto lens, but it will not give you the results you expect. You will look like a creepy person standing in the streets with a giant lens. If you want the real action, then you should move up close where the real action is. You can switch to a wide angle lens and be as close as possible to the crowd. Some photographers prefer compact cameras because of flexibility and lightweight.

2. No Manual Mode

You don’t have to follow the rules, be a rebel and break the rules. This is something that you need to remember every time you go out to do street photography in Pakistan. 
Shooting in manual mode can create difficulties for you. There are already many things to worry about, why add one more to the list of worries? It is hard to change the settings after every photograph. If you find yourself in a dark or shadowy spot, you will have to adjust the ISO, and if there is brightness you have to change aperture, there is too much work.
P (Program) mode is best suited for street photography in Pakistan, or you can use aperture priority. Set the camera to f/8, ISO to 400 min, and your shutter speed will do the rest. Don't worry about how your camera will react, just see a subject, compose and shoot.

3. Shoot from Front or behind

People will tell you to not shoot from behind because in their mind it is scary and doesn't tell the real story. You don't have to agree; every photographer has a different story to tell, it doesn't matter whether you are shooting from the front or behind. As a street photographer, it’s your job to tell a story. 
Street photographers, when in action, always have cameras up to their faces. This is how it should be, but don’t forget to try different angles. You may have to move the camera away from your eyes, and go high, get low, or shoot from the hip.

4. Shooting with Primes and Cropping

The rule of cropping was created long ago. In the old days, it was a lot of work. Technology is much advanced now; cropping can be done within seconds. If you think it should be cropped, then go with it.
Street photography is not like an average science class, where you have to examine the subject from every angle. Street photography in Pakistan is more about experiencing life closely. You may want to use your 70-200 zoom lens because it feels less awkward, it will do more harm to you than good.

5. Be as Close as Possible

With a wide angle lens, you can be close to your subject. A wide angle gives the sense of being with the subject at that moment. You will blend well with the surrounding crowd. Rather than standing alone in the corner with a huge lens.
Many famous street photographs were captured just a few meters from the subjects; sometimes the distance is in centimeters. You can walk through streets, parks, or markets to find your subjects. Be an observer and keep an eye for interesting surroundings. If your subject is not how you imaged it, then you can move closer so that you have the right zoom and angle.

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