DJI Ronin M Review – Is It Worth Your Investment!

Feb 16, 2023

DJI Ronin has created a buzz in the photography world with its amazing performance and great usages to the videographers. As of now, we have introduced with different models of DJI Ronin, but here we are going to talk about DJI Ronin M which is an electronic gimbal. It is cheaper and smaller than the standard Ronin. To see how DJI Ronin M performs, we conducted several tests and here we are going share what we had discovered from our tests of Ronin M.
For these tests, we made two different footage – one from a handheld camera and one from a stabilised camera. No doubt, in terms of stability, the Ronin M completely smashed the hand-held camera; however, there had been some other important things that we noticed during this session. We found the usage of Ronin M was not that convenient and let’s talk about our overall experience of using DJI Ronin M to create this footage.

Travelling Becomes Difficult With DJI Ronin M-
While experimenting DJI Ronin M performance, we found ourselves struggling hard to drive just for 5 minutes with this device. However, the camera was perfectly balanced, yet the Ronin was with us. Maybe, the intensity of struggle was just because I was not much familiar with using Ronin and I believe after having used to it, I won’t feel that issue again. Overall, the drive was quite troublesome to me because of DJI Ronin M.

Time Taking & Complex Setup –
After reaching out to the destination, the time to set up the DJI Ronin M came. Though the place where I reached was a very casual city, yet our extra time consumption on setting up Ronin brought us noticed to the most of the people available there. At that stage, I realised that we would not have faced such issue if we have been using a tripod or DSLRs for video making. Being a gimbal, Ronin was very tough to setup. So, at the complexity level, I would say DJI Ronin M was a difficult gimbal to manage.

Comparing Ronin M With A Steadicam –
Although, the issues we addressed previously are not that big as they have nothing to do with the performance of Ronin, but it was more like our individual issues. Now, let’s talk about the real factors of Ronin M and its performance. Now, we should read on how it actually works. At that stage, I would like to be more honest and would surely appreciate the performance it delivered to us. The things that I am going to compare it with are Glidecam and Steadicam systems which had also been difficult to manage for me. Especially, Steadicam when we use them with vest and arm, they work greatly; however, for the best performance, they demand a skilled professional. So, if you are not that experienced to use Steadicam, you won’t capture the great shots with it and hence, it is certainly not a device for the novice. Just as Steadicam, the DJI Ronin M is quite similar. It also needs an expert operator to use it.
If you are an expert, then you can use Ronin M to make amazing tilts and pans. Those who have a manual Steadicam, these moves will be a job for an expert only.
Now, coming to the battery performance of Ronin M which I found actually fantastic. The battery backup of DJI Ronin M is excellent. With the single battery, you can stabilise your camera for maximum 6 hours that is really enough for a shoot. So, if you have two batteries, you can complete the shoot for a whole long day.

DJI Ronin M Customization –
Using DJI App which links the iPhone wirelessly to the Ronin M can trim, customise and calibrate each and every aspect of this device. In customization, you can find several options to improve your overall filming experience with Ronin. By continuous use of Ronin M, you would start falling for it due to the usefulness of these options.

The Integrated Remote Control –
To operate DJI Ronin M, an integrated remote control comes with it. This remote appears same alike the Phantom controller and works very easily. In case, the remote is off and DJI Ronin M is on, the device would start performing various moves automatically as setup in the DJI app. As the user turns the controller off, the DJI Ronin M would stabilise camera; however, the movements can only be controlled with RC. With the remote, you can easily calibrate the DJI Ronin or at the time, an operator is working with Ronin, it can also be used to frame a shot. To get this remote, you don’t have to pay any additional cost, but the price is already included in the DJI Ronin M price.

Final Verdict About DJI Ronin M –
As we talked earlier, the DJI Ronin M is not a cup of tea for a novice as it requires one to be skilled and experienced to use Ronin, still, the features and performance it delivers is outstanding. The stabilisation it provides to the camera is excellent. The remote control features few amazing capabilities that enhance the overall filming experience and makes the DJI Ronin M a leading filmmaking solution of the time.
If we compare the DJI Ronin M with other available options in the market, we would find it much better than others. It is actually ahead of the time and is a future product.

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