7 Simple Tips for Beginners to Take Better Photographs

Feb 16, 2023

Want to know the secret to shooting better photographs? How can you improve in a short amount of time? The answers to your questions are not that complex because there is more than one thing behind a successful photograph. A good way to improve quickly is to analyze not only your work, but other’s as well. You can learn a lot by looking closely at what other people do and what they don’t.

Every photo has its own look, feeling, story and history. You have to learn how to shoot these subjects in a way that it describes the spirit of the photo, giving your audience a glimpse of what went through. Learning how to shoot photographs of people can expand your career or hobby in photography. Taking photos of people is a daunting task, there is a lot of pressure on the photographer when someone is waiting to see results and images. You will also have to be a good people’s person in order to capture emotions.


The subject is an important aspect of photography, but it doesn’t mean that you have to forget the background. If you don’t focus on the background then it won’t catch attention of people. You can think about colors, they should communicate in an away that it complements the subject.

Recipe for a good photo is not in lighting gear, but it starts with photographer connecting with the subject so image making process is easy. It also includes doing research on the subject and bringing out the best during a photo shoot.

One more aspect is to closely loot out for lines in your image and where they lead. Are there lines that distract from the subject? You can fix this by moving or changing the angel of your view.


A key concept in photography is light, it changes depending on when you are capturing the photograph. There is always a magic hour during the day for photography and you have to take full benefit from it.

Evening and morning light is soft and flattering while in between hours are harsh and flat colors. You have to make sure you are capturing the subject on the right time. You have to guess the right time, it can transform your image.


Naturally, our eyes are drawn towards the brightest area of a photograph so it is important to consider where shadows and highlights of a photograph are. Patch of sunlight or burnt out forehead on the floor can draw attention of the viewer, your subject won’t be the focus of attention any more.

In order to overcome such problems you can use reflectors to add light or if possible then move the subject to a suitable location where light is right, or you can also introduce your own flash light.

These things can also be managed during post production, but it is encourage to get a perfect shoot with the camera.


If you are adding prop to the photo then it should have some meaning behind it. If this doesn’t improve the image then you should think twice before introducing it.

Few sprinkled walnuts besides a carrot cake can inform you what ingredients are used and the process by which the cake was made. Similarly, a book about magic and cards on the table can inform you about the individual. The narrative of the image is always important.


Always try to capture right image in the camera, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely avoid post production process. You can do small adjustments, such as adjusting color, removing flecks or balancing dirt in a shot. It can make huge difference to your image.

As a beginner you should always brush up your skills and make sure to look closely at every aspect of post-production. This means you have to cover things such as optimizing your image so that it tells the real story behind it.


This is an obvious thing in photography but it can easily be overlooked, you can get caught in the moment while shoot photographs. An important question that you should ask yourself is “why you should capture this image?” what is your purpose behind it? And what story are you trying to tell through it?

Once you have got your answers, you have to think about framing, lighting, props, mood, and ways to make your photograph different and unique. In simple, you have to think about everything mentioned above.

You can judge a photo just by looking at it, you can tell if there is a purpose behind it or not. So if you want to make your photos interesting then spend some time and do research.


As a beginner, you have to shoot every day. You can make your own photo journal and give yourself simple tasks. You can do things such as theme of the day challenge and make your hobby to post these photographs on social media. Once your friends and family see you sharing photographs every day, they will become your fans. There is nothing like a positive comment that inspires you. Another good thing to do is taking photographs 365 days and posting, you can look back every year to see how much you have progressed.

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